Minutes Senate 2008-12-09

Minutes-Faculty Senate

University of Wisconsin-Superior

December 9, 2008

RSC 111, 2:30 p.m.




Meeting called to order by Chair Sipress, 2:30 p.m.


Present:  Aldridge, Cleary, Crow, Erlenbach,  Fank, Griffith, Jacobs, Kronzer, Lynch, Marciniec, Markwood, Robinson, Alexson, Sherman, Simpson, Sipress, Sloboda, Starratt, Waxman, Wright, G.

Excused:  Christensen, E.,  Faerber , Gabrys-Alexson

Guests:   Trudeau, Hembd, Hensrud


APPROVAL OF MINUTES   (attachment)

Motion (Jacobs/Marciniec) to accept minutes dated November 25, 2008.  No revisions.  Motion carried.



Motion (Cleary/Kronzer) to receive executive minutes dated December 2, 2008. Motion carried.





Reminder of the all campus budget forum scheduled for Wednesday, December 10.  All are encouraged to attend.  Winterfest was a huge success, over 2,500 were in attendance.  Thank you to all who were involved.


Chair (attachment)

Chair Sipress seconded the invitation for all to attend the budget open session.

A constitutional amendment will be going out by the end of the week for the faculty vote of the split of the BRC.

Follow up on relationship between UW-Superior and WITC regarding transfer issues.

Enrollment of WITC transfer students has dropped approximately 50 per cent following the Senate rejection of the Early Childhood articulation agreement last spring.  Transfer coordinator Shane Dietrich has begun conversations with WITC to repair the relationship.

Chair Sipress has been invited to participate in conversations between the two institutions. There are no specific proposals on the agenda and Sipress will not be making any commitments or obligations on behalf of the faculty of UWS.

Secretary –  No Report

Faculty Representative    Sloboda- A combined report of the BOR and Faculty Representatives  will be provided for the January 2009 meeting.  Items from the BOR meeting to note are:  1) options for the budget crisis which include discussions for a three year degree,  2)  textbook rental and buyback issues, 3) review of sabbaticals.

The original pay plan proposal has been adjusted from 5.23 per cent down to 2.5 percent.

Domestic partner benefits will be on the upcoming agenda.


Program Review and Planning Council   (handout) Wright, G. 

All program reviews have been delayed one year in order to allow everyone to become acquainted with AQIP standards and procedures.

Upcoming schedule for the departments of Chemistry and Human Behavior and Diversity:

Spring, 2009: department meets to establish a process to complete the Self-Study for Continuous Improvement (SSCI).

Summer, 2009:  data collection; institutional research

Fall semester 2009:  department forwards completed SSCI to external reviewer(s) by 11/01/09.  Completed external review returned to department by 12/15/2009.

Spring semester, 2010:  department submits completed SSCI, external review report, and response to external review to the Academic Program Review Council (APRC) by 1/10/2010.  APRC completes review and meets with department chair by 03/15/2010.  ARPC submits final report to Faculty Senate by 4/15/2010.

All other reviews will follow the same schedule as found above, beginning in the spring semester of the academic year prior to the year of each review's expected completion.

Budget Review Council                    No report

Personnel Council                             No report

Undergraduate Academic Affairs      Council

Sipress - One action item, Proposal to request authorization for the Sustainable Management Major.  The process to approve a new major is a two stage process.  The first stage is the Entitlement to Plan.  This request was approved by Senate (October 28, 2008). This campus, along with the other three campuses involved, sent the request to forward to system. System approved the request for the Entitlement to Plan.  It was approved under an expedited process designed to move things quickly that allows for the planning process and the authorization process to happen simultaneously.  The second step is the request to authorize the major.  The agenda item today is final action on the request to have system authorize this major.  The UAAC approved the major on its academic merits. The BRC recommends approval of the new major based on its budgetary and resource implications. The goal of system is to have the Sustainable Management Major in place for the Fall 2009 term.

Trudeau provided a brief background of the planning process for the major.  A number of corporations were queried to see what particular skills their employees should have. This determined the competencies and course structure, twenty one courses were developed. 

The courses were then divided by the institutions participating in the major.  UWS will start by offering four courses in fall 2009. The courses will be offered again based on demand.  Training for on line instruction will begin in January.  There are no hard dollar risks for UWS.  Sharing of any excess funds will be done.

Hembd-This degree is the first of a series of collaborative degrees offered throughout the UW system. This is funded as part of the growth agenda. A market study was completed.  This will be one of the first bachelor degrees in Sustainable Management.  Part of the impetus of this degree is to get into the market and establish the niche.

Question; overload or ad hoc?  In the beginning it will be overload, if the program is successful another individual will be brought in.

Discussion ensued.

Hensrud – The Adult Student Inaitive has funded the start up.  The cost for the first three years will be provided by Extension. It is expected to be full cost recovery after that time. Tuition revenues are expected to cover the cost of the program.

Questions and discussion continued. Administration discussions between the four instructions are taking place.  UW-Superior administration has not seen the final proposal and is not yet committed to forwarding this to system. 

Motion (Robinson/Griffith) to approve the request to authorize the major in Sustainable Management.  No further discussion.  Motion carried unanimously.


Graduate Council       No report   

Student Senate           No report

Academic Senate       No report



I. Music Response to PRPC Report (attachment)

"The report speaks for itself", Aldridge.  No questions.

Motion (Kronzer/Waxman) to accept the response.  No discussion. Motion carried unanimously.


II.  Pay Plan  (attachment)

Motion (Cleary/Lynch) to remove from the table. Motion carried.

Discussion.  Motion (Lynch/Cleary) to amend to: Faculty should be encouraged to apply and prepare for promotion with an award added to their base pay.  The award would be calculated as a percentage of the average UW Superior salary for the achieved rank.  Promotion to associate professor would receive a 4 per cent award based on the average associate professor salary.  Promotion to full professor should receive a 4.5 percent award based on the average full professor salary. A meritorious post tenure review would receive a 1.5 percent increase to salary based on the average salary of all faculty at the current rank.   Discussion.  Motion to amend to replace 'meritorious review' with 'successful review'.  Amendment carried.

No further discussion of the original motion as amended.

Motion carries.


III.  Second Vote on By-Law Changes (attachment)

Motion (Griffith/Jacobs) to approve the by-law change. No discussion.  Motion carries.



I.    Provost AQIP Presentation  (handout)

Provost Markwood shared a power point presentation regarding AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program).  The Continuing Improvement Process will be using guidelines and principles from AQIP. OLD BUSINESS January.      


II.  NCA Focus Visit/Academic Plan Team

Motion to appoint (Marciniec/Robinson) T. Kronzer, S. Lynch, L. Jacobs, and J. Sipress to the NCA Focus Visit/Academic Plan Team. No discussion.  Motion carries.


III.  Summer School Recommendations Rate Summary  SS Taskforce Recomm.

Discussion.  Motion (Kronzer/Griffith) to approve the short term recommendations of the Summer School Taskforce. Motion carries.

Motion (Robinson/Cleary) to request the committee continue to work on implementation the long term recommendations of the Summer School Taskforce. Motion carries.

Respectfully submitted on this 20th day of December, 2008 by Linda Sharp, Faculty Senate Clerical Assistant.