New Students

The following information is for new Yellowjackets starting at UW-Superior this fall. If you have any questions, please contact the admissions office at 715-394-8230 or by email


After you have read the move-in plan below, please complete the WOW and Residency Form to register for Weekend of Welcome and select your Move-in time/date preferences. This information was sent to you via email from UW-Superior Admissions. If you did not receive the email, or misplaced this information, please call 715-394-8230 or email

Move-In Plans Expand All

Commuter Students

If you plan to live off-campus, you will need to complete the Commuter Form, have it notarized, and return it to the Residence Life Office upon the Weekend of Welcome. Also, please complete the form for Weekend of Welcome registration. 

If you need these forms, please contact admissions at 715-394-8230 or email.

Students Living On-Campus (Non-Fall Athletes)

International Students

New international students are encouraged to arrive on Tuesday, August 27, but may arrive anytime between August 25 and 28. Students are requested to complete and submit the International Student Arrival Form after finalizing their travel plans. Please contact with questions.

Domestic Students 

Move-in will take place over Saturday, August 29 - Sunday, August 30. To maintain CDC guidelines, we will be assigning students and their families to designated times to arrive to campus with two time slots each morning, and two time slots each evening. To register, please contact admissions at 715-394-8230 or email

Family sessions will also be offered when students move in to welcome students to campus. This is optional to attend.


Students Living On-Campus (Fall Athletes)

If you plan to participate in Men’s and Women’s Cross Country or Men’s and Women’s Golf, your move-in day will be Friday, August 21. You will be given the option to move in during the morning or afternoon, and you will receive follow up information in a couple of weeks to confirm your exact move-in timeslot.

All other athletes will move-in on August 29 or 30. 

If you have any questions, please contact admissions at 715-394-8230 or email.

Early Drop-Off Students

Additionally, to reduce the number of students moving their items in at a given time, we will be offering early drop-off for students to drop off their Residence Hall items early during the week of August 17-21. Students will sign up for a specific time to drop their items off, then return home. This is designed for students who can make a day trip.

Please note:

  • Students who participate in early drop-off will still need to arrive on campus during the official move-in day at an assigned time and will be given the option to attend a family session.
  • Students will be granted access to their room to drop off and set up their room during designated times. After this, access to the room will not be permitted until Saturday, August 29.  

For more information, please contact admissions at 715-394-8230 or email.

Weekend of Welcome

Weekend of Welcome will be a blend of virtual and in-person programming coinciding with move-in days. More information will be available soon.