How can I encourage my students to visit the Writing Center?

Surveys of UW-Superior Writing Center clients have shown that instructor encouragement is the most frequently cited reason for student visits to the Writing Center. Here are a few ways you can encourage your students to make use of this service:

Have one of our consultants visit your class. The Writing Center consultants will be happy to visit your classes to talk to your students about the Writing Center. A classroom visit takes only ten minutes of class time. To schedule a visit, contact Yvonne Rutford, Assistant Director of the Writing Center,

Arrange to have your class visit the Writing Center as a group to hear about its services. A Writing Consultant will talk to your students briefly about the services while the students are there to see firsthand what the Center is like. A group visit must be pre-arranged; to make the arrangements, contact Yvonne Rutford at

Require, or offer extra credit for, a Writing Center consultation. An opportunity to earn extra credit can encourage students to give the Writing Center a try. Some instructors even build a required Writing Center consultation into student writing assignments. If you choose to require a Writing Center consultation, you can help our consultants prepare by notifying us what the writing assignment is and when we can expect your students to visit. (Tip: Please allow adequate time for your students to complete their Writing Center visit. Depending on the class size, up to two weeks’ notice will help ensure that all your students can make appointments.) If there are specific expectations of the genre, it would also be helpful if you could provide a model. You can e-mail this information to Yvonne Rutford,