How can I give my instructor or advisor access to my ePortfolio presentation?

There are two ways you can give access to someone, you can share it with them or submit it to a course’s Dropbox Folder that the instructor has setup ahead of time.  You will need to ask your instructor or advisor which method they would like you to use. 

If you need to share your presentation instead of submitting it to a Dropbox Folder, you will find the Share option in the dropdown menu to the right of your presentation.  If you need to share the presentation with several people, you will need to include everyone on the sharing screen.  One of the recommendations is that you send an invite to the people. This will allow them to remove your presentation from their ePortfolio area when they have finished reviewing your work.  If you forget to send the invitation or want to stop sharing your presentation, you will need to go back into the sharing area and manually remove the permissions.

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