How can I let a student submit a file to the Dropbox after the deadline?

There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Change the folder end date to a later date, which would open the folder for all the students in the course.
  • Add special access to allow the one student to access the folder and keep it closed for everyone else.
  • Set up a separate folder for late assignments and have all students submit any late work to this folder. If you want them to use this folder throughout the semester, do not set an end date for this folder.

The best option would be to start using Due Dates as well as End Dates. The Due Date would be the date that you want the assignments submitted by and the End Date would be the last possible day to submit and still receive credit for the assignment. When a student submits a file after the Due Date it will be marked as late by X number of days and you will be able to decide what score they should receive for the late work.