How do I access and assess the Dropbox Folder’s Turnitin Similarity and GradeMark Reports?

After your students have submitted their files to the Turnitin enabled Dropbox Folder, they will automatically be sent to Turnitin for processing. Once Turnitin has completed its searches, you will receive a Similarity Report in the Dropbox Folder Submission area for each students’ submission.

You can access the reports two ways, selecting the Turnitin Similarity icon (a percentage and a color) for the first student on the list. You can also access the reports by selecting the Evaluate link, you will just have to select the Turnitin Similarity icon on the individual student’s submission screen.

The first time you enter the Turnitin Feedback Studio you will be able to take a tour of the changes that were made during the Summer 2016 Learn@UWSuperior and Turnitin upgrades. The assessment tools are now located on the right side of the Feedback Studio. Select the Originality Similarity icon to see the report information.

For more information, please see our Using Learn@UWSuperior and Turnitin Together quick guide, Evaluating a Turnitin Enabled Dropbox Folder video tutorial, and Reviewing a Dropbox Turnitin High Similarity Report video tutorial.