How do I check my voicemail?

From On Campus

  1. Push Voicemail Button (if you do this with the receiver down it will turn on the speaker phone)
  2. Enter your 10 Digit PIN # followed by the # Key
  3. Your New Voicemail’s will play automatically
  4. Follow prompts to delete or save messages
  5. After messages are played you will be taken to the main Voicemail Menu
  6.  From the Main Menu you can follow prompts to send or review messages or enter Voicemail Setup.
    • 0 will bring you to the help menu
    • The * Key will exit Voicemail.

From Off Campus

  • From off campus phone dial 715-394-8000 or 715-394-8100
  • Immediately after system answers enter the * (star) key
  • You will then be prompted for your user id followed by # this must be the full number including 1 example 1715394XXXX#
  • Immediately enter your 10 digit pin followed by # The voicemail menu will then play your options. Please follow the prompts.