How do I forward a voicemail to another number?

Step 1 After listening to the message, select the option (5) Forward the Message. 

Step 2 Follow the prompts to record an introduction, address, and send the forwarded message. To pause or resume recording, press 8. To end recording, press #. 

  • While addressing the message, press ## to switch between spelling and number entry. 
  • To address the message to a private list, enter the list number by using number entry, or, if the list has a display name in the Messaging Assistant web tool, spell the name by using spelling entry.
  • When more than one user matches your addressing entries, Connection plays a list of matches that you can navigate quickly. Press # to select a recipient from a list; press 7 to skip to the previous name and 9 to skip to the next name; and press 77 to skip to the beginning of a list and 99 to skip to the end of a list.

Step 3 After you send the forwarded message, follow the prompts to handle the original message.