How do I get my phone/computer/tablet/game system/device on the Wifi without typing my password every time?

  1. Using your web browser, go to the My Devices portal. (NOTE: You may get a "certificate error." Select to continue on this page - you may need to do this more than once.)
  2. Log in to the My Devices portal with your UWS username and password.
  3. Under "Device ID," put your devices MAC address (sometimes called WiFi address). (NOTE: If you do not know how to find your MAC address, search for it on-line. With so many different types of devices that use a MAC address, it would be hard to have instructions for each device. If you still need help, contact the Technology Help Desk)
  4. Type a Description.
  5. Select Submit. You will see the device in the "Your Devices" section.

NOTE: You are only allowed 5 devices in your My Device portal.