How do I set my out-of-office greeting?

  • Login to (This portal allows you to access your voicemail, change greetings, and manage voicemail settings on your campus phone)
    • Select Messaging Assistant
    • Select Greetings tab and View Greetings
      • Record greetings that you would like to use (alternate greeting is used for vacation), you can also change the settings of each greeting.  Your standard greeting is automatically enabled unless you select a different greeting so you will need to enable the alternate greeting to use it.

Using your phone on campus

  • Log into your Voice mailbox.
  • Press 4 1.
  • Press 3.
  • Choose one of the following greetings:
    • 1 Standard greeting
    • 2 Closed (after hours) greeting
    • 3 Alternate greeting
    • 4 Busy (when on another call) greeting
    • 5 Internal greeting
    • 6 Holiday greeting
  • You will hear the greeting.
  • Pressing:
    • 1 Re-records the greeting
    • 2 Turns on the Standard greeting
    • 3 Turns on the greeting you just heard
  • Press * to exit.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Technology Help Desk.