How do I set up a USB Key?

  • Log into
  • USBKeys:
    • Add New USBKey
    • Give your USBKey a Name/Description
    • Insert your USBKey into the computer with the "Y" facing up
    • Click the One Time Passcode (OTP) box as if you are about to type
    • Touch the "Y" on the top of the USBKey, the box should fill out automatically and enter the code
    • Refresh the account management page
  • OTP Delivery Methods
    • You can choose USBKey as the delivery method by clicking on Change, USBKey, and Continue
  • Enable/Disable Dual Factor
    • Enable Dual-Factor for my account
    • OK
  • Logout and test dual factor by logging in, you will need to touch the "Y" to enter the One Time Passcode (OTP) each time. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KEY IN YOUR COMPUTER.
  • If you forget your phone at home or can't login using the method you set up, simply click Switch OTP Delivery Method and it will give you the option to switch it one time so you can still login