How do I set up email on my phone/tablet?

The following explains how to set up your exchange email on an android and an iPhone. If you need further assistance please let us know.

For an android:
Note: What you actually see may vary depending on what smartphone you have and what Android OS version you are using.

  • Enter the E-mail setup program on your Android smartphone device.
  • Press the Menu button, and select Add account.
  • Enter your uws email address i.e.
  • Enter your uws password.
  • Check: Send email from this account by default if needed
  • Select: Manual Setup
  • Select Exchange Active Sync. On the Server settings screen, enter:
    • Domain:
    • Username: Enter your uws email address i.e.
    • Password: your uws password
    • Server:
    • Check: Use secure connection (SSL)
    • Select: Next
    • If the Remote security administration dialog box appears, select OK to continue.
    • Adjust Inbox check frequency and Amount to synchronize as you prefer.
    • Check Sync contacts from this account
    • Check Sync calendar from account
    • Select Next and give your account a name.
    • Select Done
    • You might get a security setting notification after you finish setting up your account. Select the notification to update your phone's security settings.
    • Select: Done


  1. Add your Exchange account. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Exchange.
  2. Enter your information. ...
  3. Connect to the Exchange Server. ... (Server:
  4. Sync your content.