How do I set up my new voicemail?

  • Login to (This portal allows you to enable/disable call forwarding and do not disturb as well as configure speed dials on your campus phone)
    • When prompted, set up a PIN for your phone
  • Login to (This portal allows you to access your voicemail, change greetings, and manage voicemail settings on your campus phone)
    • Select Messaging Assistant
    • Select Passwords tab and Change PIN
      • Enter a new PIN that is 4 or more digits, this PIN is used to access voicemail and settings on your phone
    • Select Greetings tab and View Greetings
      • Record greetings that you would like to use, you can also change the settings of each greeting.  Your standard greeting is automatically enabled unless you select a different greeting.
        Voicemail Image

    If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Technology Help Desk.