How is Compensation Paid?

During the time you are healing from your injury, you will get two-thirds of your weekly wage up to $805 a week.

Payment is made on the basis of a six-day workweek, Monday through Saturday, regardless of the number of days a week you actually work. This means that your daily payment is one-sixth of your weekly payment. For example, if you are eligible for just three days of compensation, you will receive three-sixths of your weekly rate.

There is a waiting period before benefits can be paid. The waiting period is the first three days, excluding Sunday, after the accident. You do not receive compensation for these three days if you are disabled only during the first three days. If you are disabled for any time beyond the seventh day, you will receive compensation for the first three days. Worker's compensation is never paid for the day of injury.

The Division of Workforce Development reviews all benefit payments to make sure they are accurate. If you doubt that you are receiving the correct amount of compensation, please contact the Division.