I plan to create several quizzes in my class, is there a way I can shorten the time it takes creating them?

Quizzes have many settings. Chances are, you select many of the same settings repeatedly for each quiz you create i.e. "time limit", "grace period", "submissions", "# of attempts", etc. Instead of making these choices every time you create a new quiz, create a quiz template which has these settings, but has no questions. Start by creating a new quiz. Type template in the "name" field and save your quiz. Make all of the selections that will be the same in your other quizzes, and save the quiz again. Do not set an availability or add any questions.

When you are ready to create a quiz with questions, instead of selecting "New quiz", select "Copy" from the More Actions drop-down menu. Select the template quiz you created from the "Quiz to Copy" drop-down menu. Type in the New Quiz Name. Place a check mark in the "Edit Quiz after Copy Completes" box, and click the "Save" button. All of the changes you made for your template will already be selected in your new quiz. Simply add your questions, set any applicable availability, and save your quiz. You can even copy your template quiz from one course to another.