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  • Your records are protected under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

    You have the right to restrict your directory information. (If you wish to restrict your information, you must file the Student Request to Restrict Directory Information form by September 15 or your name, address, phone and e-mail will be published in the campus directory.)

    The people who can access your records are those who, by virtue of their position, have a "need to know." For example, Your advisor has a need to know and so, he/she has access to your information.

    For further information, see the Registrar's website.

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    • There are a couple reasons why you might not be able to log into your account, including that not all of the steps have been completed for your enrollment (new students) or employment (new instructors) at UW-Superior. If you are a new student, you will not be able to log into Learn@UWSuperior until you have been fully admitted to UW-Superior and have been enrolled in your courses. If you are a newly hired instructor, you may not have been added as an instructor in E-Hive to the courses you are supposed to be teaching during the semester. If that is the case, you will need to contact your department assistant and have them take care of it.

      If your enrollment or employment paperwork has been completed or you are a returning student or instructor, there might be a problem with your account. Here are some reminders that might help you troubleshoot the problem:

      • Your Learn@UWSuperior account is connected to your campus network account (E-Hive, E-Mail, campus computers) so if you changed your password in the UW – Superior Login Portal, it would have changed your password for Learn@UWSuperior.
      • If you type the password incorrectly three times, you will lock your account and need to contact the Technology Helpdesk to unlock it.

      If you are having a problem logging into all of the campus systems (E-Hive, E-Mail, campus computers, and Learn@ UWSuperior), you might want to reset your password in the UW - Superior Login Portal and wait a few minutes while it updates in the various systems. If you are still having difficulties after resetting your password, you may need to contact the Technology Helpdesk at 715-394-8300 to get help fixing this issue.

    • If you are a student and enrolled in the course through E-Hive or the Registrars' Office, but it was after the semester started, it takes 24 hours for your registration information to appear in the Learn@UWSuperior system. If you register for a class on a Friday, the course will not appear in the My Superior Courses area until Monday.

      Like with students, if an instructor was recently added to a course in E-Hive, it takes 24 hours for your information to appear in the Learn@UWSuperior system. If you were added on a Friday, the course will not appear in the My Superior Courses area until Monday. Note: If you don't see the course in your E-Hive Faculty Center, you should talk to your department assistant because you will first need to be added to the course in E-Hive before it will filter down to Learn@UWSuperior.

    • During the Fall and Spring semesters, if it is a traditional on-campus or Continuing Education course students will have access on the first day of the semester. If it is a Distance Learning or an online (W or C section) course, students will have access one week before the first day of class, so they will have time to order their text books and other course materials. Summer College is similar to Fall and Spring except that the sessions have different start dates, students will have access to the course when it is scheduled to start or the week before if it is a Distance Learning course or online course.

      Instructors will have access to a course as soon as it has been created in Learn@UWSuperior if they are listed as the instructor in E-Hive. An Instructor will always have access to it until the course itself is removed from the system.

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