What are General Education courses, and why do I need to take them?

The goals of the General Education Program at the University of Wisconsin-Superior are to foster the growth of the following skills and habits of mind:

  • Communication: Students demonstrate effective communication skills in writing, speaking, reading and listening.
  • Critical Thinking: Students engage in critical thinking based on multiple forms of evidence.
  • Creative Expression: Students develop skills in creative expression, including abstract thinking.
  • Diversity and Global Citizenship: Students demonstrate empathetic and ethical thinking based on knowledge of the diversity of human experience.
  • Interdisciplinary Connections: Students connect knowledge and methods from a variety of disciplines through courses across the general education curriculum.

General education courses are great ways for students to support their chosen major by selecting classes that complement learning and concepts in their chosen discipline; explore potential majors if undeclared; or build skills and knowledge in areas that the student feels will help them to attain career and life goals.

Your academic advisor can assist you in exploring general education course options that fit with your academic goals.