What are the System Requirements for Learn@UWSuperior?

On the Learn@UWSuperior login page there is a "Check Your System" link you can use to see if your computer and internet connection meets the requirements.

Please see the latest Brightspace (D2L) Browser Support Information if you have any questions on if your preferred browser is supported.

Note: Some of the older browser versions will not be supported or will have limited support. As of the Summer 2012 upgrade, the most current browser is usually the preferred browser.

*The mobile version of Learn@ UWSuperior is only meant to give limited access to what can be done on a device (tablet, phone, etc.) even though there is a Desktop version. As a student, the mobile version is meant for viewing (Course Home, Content, Discussions, News, Grades, Calendar, etc.) not uploading files to the Dropbox and taking Quizzes. As an instructor, the mobile version offers a few more functions (ability to create News items, Content Modules and Topics, Dropbox Folders, Grade Categories and Items, etc.) but there are still some limits in what can be done.