What compensation is paid for Permanent Disability?

After you have healed as much as possible from your injury, your doctor will determine if you have any permanent disability.

For a permanent disability, you will receive additional compensation of up to $262 weekly. Benefits are paid monthly, not in one lump sum.

A specific number of weeks of compensation is paid for the loss of a finger, hand, arm, leg, foot, eye, etc. This compensation is paid in addition to the compensation paid during the healing period. Different amounts of compensation are due for the loss of different parts of the body.

If there is no amputation, but there is pain or loss of motion or strength in a limb, then fewer weeks of compensation are paid. For example, 10 percent disability at the shoulder would equal 10 percent of 500 weeks of compensation, or 50 weeks.

Some other kinds of permanent injuries are compensated in a different manner that involves a determination of future wage loss.