What do I do if the Turnitin enabled Dropbox Folder has a Communication Error?

When you created the Turnitin Enabled Dropbox Folder and didn't use an End date, you will receive a message saying there was a communication error between the Dropbox Folder and Turnitin. This happens because the Dropbox Folder Due date doesn't transfer as a Turnitin Due date like it should. Turnitin uses the Dropbox Folder End date to create a Due date and, when one hasn't been selected, it will make its own two weeks after the Start Date or the day you created the Dropbox Folder on. Some or all of the students' submissions may not return a Turnitin Similarity Report because of this.

To fix this issue, you will need to edit the Dropbox Folder and add an End Date on the Restrictions tab. After you click the Save button, go to the Turnitin tab and make sure the Grademark Available to Learners date is after the Dropbox Folder Start Date or the End Date if you prefer.

In the Dropbox Folder's Submissions area, you might see an in-box with a green arrow icon next to some or all of the submissions, this means that you need to submit the files again for the Turnitin Similarity Report to be generated. If the file is still "In Progress" after 10 - 15 minutes, you might need to put a request into the Technology Helpdesk at 715-394-8300 for assistance.