What if I can't return to my job?

Some workers may not be able to return to the same type of work they did before injury or illness. Keep in contact with your employer and your doctor to see if you can return to work early on a restricted basis, perhaps in a modified job if necessary. This could help ease you back into working again.

If your doctor or employer indicates that you cannot return to your former job, you may contact the insurer to request assistance from either public or private vocational rehabilitation services. One resource is the State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), which has offices throughout the state (see your local telephone directory under State of Wisconsin, Department of Workforce Development). General questions about your claim should be addressed to the UW Superior Office of Human Resources, or UW System,, or the Worker's Compensation Division. For further information, call the WC Division at  266-1340 "> (608) 266-1340 ">(608) 266-1340  .

If you do not have a job at the end of your healing period (temporary total or partial disability), you may apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits by calling 1-800-822-5246.