What if I choose not to attend after I have registered for classes?

This depends on when you make the decision not to attend.

Before the First Day of classes:

Online: Log into your E-Hive Account and drop all of the classes you have registered.

In Person: Complete an official "Registration Cancellation" card available in the Registrar's Office, Old Main 139 and the staff will drop the classes for you.

After classes begin but prior to the tenth day of each term (shorter period for summer and J-Term classes):

It is the responsibility of the student to drop the course they are not going to attend. There is now an Administrative Drop Policy in effect; however, it is still the responsibility of the student to drop from his/her class(es). If students do not attend a course and do not drop the course, they will receive a grade of F.

Students withdrawing from all courses after classes begin must complete a "Total Withdrawal Form."

Students may drop classes via E-Hive through the tenth day of classes.

Students can add classes via E-Hive through the fifth day of classes.

From the eleventh day of each term through the 60% day of each term: 

Beginning the eleventh day of classes through the 60% day of term students who drop classes will have a W (withdrawal) listed on their transcript for each course withdrawn from.

IMPORTANT: Withdrawal from the University is not official until the completed withdrawal card is on file in the Registrar's Office.

After the 60% day of each term:

Students will be assigned the grade they have earned (usually an F grade).

Students may submit a petition for a late drop; students must present a valid reason as to why they did not drop by the deadline date. There is no guarantee that late drop petitions will be approved.