What if my claim is disputed?

If there is a dispute over your claim between you and UW System, that cannot be settled by talking it over, you may request the Division to resolve it by holding a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and issuing an order.

You may file an application for a hearing if your employer does not report your accident, or if you believe you can prove that you did not receive all your benefits. You must have medical proof of your claim. This proof is the written opinion of a physician, chiropractor, psychologist, podiatrist, dentist or surgeon. Send the medical report with the application.

You should contact UW Superior/UW System before applying for a hearing to find out exactly what is disputed.

You may request the forms to apply for a hearing by contacting any of the Division offices, or you may obtain these forms from the Division of Workforce Development (DWD) website. You will also receive additional written information explaining the hearing process.