What is expected of me in the advising relationship?

Academic advising is a collaboration between you and your advisor. In order to get the most out of your experience, students are expected to take an active role in the process. This includes:

  • Scheduling regular appointments or making regular contacts with their advisor during each semester
  • Coming prepared to each appointment with questions or material for discussion
  • Being an active learner by participating fully in the advising experience
  • Asking questions if you do not understand an issue or have a specific concern
  • Keeping a personal record of your progress toward meeting your goals
  • Organizing official documents in a way that enables you to access them when needed
  • Completing all assignments or recommendations from your advisor
  • Gathering all relevant decision-making information
  • Clarifying personal values and goals and provide advisor with accurate information regarding your interests and abilities
  • Becoming knowledgeable about college programs, policies, and procedures
  • Accepting responsibility for decisions