What is the difference between academic probation and suspension?

Probation is a warning to you that unless you attain a minimum of a 2.00 GPA in the next term you will be suspended for at least one term. This is even true if your cumulative GPA is over a 2.0.

The policy allows most students two terms before being suspended. So if you have one poor term, a warning is given. This is probation. If a second poor term results, you will be suspended.

If suspended, you cannot enroll in classes with the exception of Summer College.

Students suspended for two or more terms are required to sit-out two or more terms prior to petitioning for reinstatement.

If you believe there are extenuating circumstances related to your suspension status, you may submit a petition request to the Credits and Reinstatement Committee requesting to be immediately reinstated (and therefore not be required to sit out one term).