What is the easiest way to organize my artifacts and supporting documentation?

The easiest way to keep track of your artifacts is to create a collection for each of the pages or standards you have to include in your ePortfolio Presentation.  Once they’ve been created, you can start adding the artifacts that are needed for each page or standard. 

For example, the Teacher Education Department’s Presentation has ten standards that the student must include artifacts for that support their understanding in those areas.  To organize all of the supporting documentation, the students within the Teacher Education Department should create a collection for each of the 10 standards.

If you were an instructor preparing a retention or tenure ePortfolio Presentation, you could create a collection for each year you have taught or you could create one for Teaching, one for Scholorship, and one for Service.  If you have to include supporting documentation for years’ worth of work, add the year in the name.

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