What kind of activities are available to students?

Superior is located in an area called the Upper Midwest. Our region has vast forests and many lakes, and many UW-Superior students take advantage of the many outdoor activities available here. Our Superior Outdoor Adventure Program (SOAP) offers guided outdoor trips during fall, winter and spring. You can join your friends and an experienced guide to go skiing, rock climbing, snowshoeing, camping, sea cave kayaking, hiking, canoeing and horseback riding.

If you are from a warmer climate, you will get a special treat during your time in Superior: in September and October, the leaves on the trees turn bright yellow, orange, and gold. If you've never seen these "fall colors," you will find it an astounding sight!

OK, not everybody wants to go outdoors when it's cold. If your idea of winter activity involves staying inside, don't worry. We're near a shopping mall, coffee shops, bookstores and dance clubs. We have comedy nights on campus, along with plays, concerts, recitals, movies, club activities and club sports. Superior and nearby Duluth also offer a symphony orchestra, a ballet troupe and several museums.

Many international students also enjoy visiting cities such as Minneapolis (home of the largest shopping mall in the U.S. - the Mall of America), St. Paul, Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago. All are within driving distance of Superior.