What other information can you give me about the comprehensive examinations?

There are six (6) questions and a case study to the comprehensive examination

Each question should be responded to based upon one's field of specialization (e.g. Principal, Superintendent, School Business Administrator, Director of Instruction, Director of Special Education).

The examination consist of two parts - Part A Questions and Part B Case Study or Mathematical Problem.

The length of the examination is a maximum of 3 hours.


1. Each question has two (2) response components:

a. "KNOWLEDGE" as a Reflective Scholar Constructivist
b. "SKILL" as a Knowledge Based Decision Maker


2. Responses are assessed according to: 

a. evaluation of information; 
b. synthesis of information and problem solving; and, 
c. analysis of information and decision making. 

3. Each of the six (6) questions are anchored in one of the six (6) Wisconsin Administrative Standards (WAS) Standards.