Why can't I open a file submitted from a student?

If the file contains one of the special characters listed below that the system does not allow or has a consecutive period in the name, you will not be able to open the file.

! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) : ;

Note: Mac users may also have a problem if there is a space or underscore before the title " My Homework Assignment1" or "_MyHomeworkAssignment1".

If you download the file to your computer and use the program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) to open the file it should work properly. If it does not open after downloading the file, the student will have to resubmit the file to the Dropbox without the special characters in the name.

Another reason you might not be able to open a file your student has submitted is because you do not have the program (Microsoft Works, Word Perfect, or Pages) on your computer. If you download the Works file to your computer and open Microsoft Word, you should be able to open that student's file. It might contain symbols or random characters, but if you scroll down the page, you should start seeing the student's work. If it was saved in Pages, you might need the student to re-save the file in a format you can open and resubmit it.