Why can’t I submit a file using my mobile device?

The mobile version of Learn@UWSuperior is only meant for viewing (Course Home, Content, Discussions, News, Grades, Calendar, etc.) not uploading files to the Dropbox and taking Quizzes even though you can go to a Desktop Version.

Another reason is because of the way files are stored and accessed on some mobile devices, such as an iPad, there really isn't a way to uploading files into a Learn@UWSuperior Dropbox other than to e-mail the file to yourself and use a computer (personal, on-campus, or at a public location like the library) to upload the files into the Dropbox folder.

There are a few mobile devices, such as the Windows Surface tablet, that are able to upload a file to a Dropbox folder successfully, but that is because the Surface tablet functions like a computer does when storing and accessing files.