Why do the submitted files in the Turnitin enabled Dropbox Folder not seem to be processing?

Dropbox Folders with longer names or special characters (!@#$%^&*) do not function properly during the integration between the two systems. It is recommended that you use a short name for Dropbox Folders, then use the custom instructions area to give your students more information on that Dropbox folder. Dropbox Folder names should be less than 50 characters long.

For example, a Dropbox Folder with "Week 1: Create a 2 page response paper to this week's topic" would need to be changed to "Week 1 Response Paper" as the name and "Create a 2 page response paper to this week's topic" in the custom instructions area along with any other information your students need to know about the assignment.

You might see an in-box with a green arrow icon, this means that you need to submit the file again for the Turnitin Similarity Report to be generated. If the file is still "In Progress" after 10 - 15 minutes, you might need to put a request into the Technology Helpdesk  at 715-394-8300 for assistance.