Syverson Scholarship

The Alan R and Eleanor A Syverson Scholarship Foundation, Inc. aims to assist Carlton County students who wish to become high school science and math teachers.  These tuition scholarships are $2000 per year minimum, $1000 per semester, starting in the fall.  They are open only to college juniors and seniors in math or science education, and are not based on financial need.  There is opportunity for renewal. 

Eligibility requirements include:
Graduated from a Carlton County school;
Home-schooled students can apply if their grades and classes have been properly registered with a Carlton County school district and they graduated in that county;
Must maintain a 3.0 GPA post secondary;
Only full time junior and seniors, attending a college/university which has an accredited education program;
Open only to science and math majors, Science specialties might be: biology, chemistry, physics, general science, earth science.  Math specialties might be: general math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus. Computer science is excluded.

Application information available in the UW-Superior Financial Aid Office.  Applications must be postmarked by the first week of May.