Receiving Aid

Receiving Aid

Award Letter

Once all information is received and processed by us, we determine the type and amount of aid for which you are eligible, based on your FAFSA information and UW-Superior's Cost of Attendance.  You will be emailed a financial aid award letter, along with Required Reading and Self-Service instructions. If you will be receiving a scholarship, or other education benefit that is not included in your award letter, you must let us know immediately by filling out a scholarship notification form.   If you receive a scholarship check from an outside organization, bring it to the Financial Aid office for processing. You may go to the cashier window the next day to sign the check and have it applied to your student account.

Accept/Decline Aid

To receive your aid, you must first accept it on your Student Center. You may view,accept/decline,report a scholarship, or adjust your financial aid award on your Student Center. To do this, follow the instructions on Self-Service. Adjustments may also be done by submitting anAdministrativeRequest.

If you are receiving a Federal Direct Loan for the first time, you must complete an electronic Master Promissory Note, and Loan Entrance Counseling online. Your loan will not disburse to your account if these items have not been completed.

Change in Credit Load

If you are registered for less than the number of credits (full-time, three-quarter time, etc.) your award letter states, your aid will not disburse to your account. Once you are registered for the correct number, your aid will automatically disburse to your account. If you change your mind, and wish to stay enrolled at a lower credit load, let us know by filling out an Administrative Request or emailing our office at  We will make the adjustment in your record, revise your aid if necessary, and it will then disburse to your account. Generally, you will not be eligible for aid if you are less than a half-time student.  Your aid is based on full-time enrollment unless you tell us differently.

Disbursement of Aid/Refund

Most financial aid is disbursed directly to your student account at UW-Superior. If there are funds left after your semester bill is paid, they will be distributed to you as a refund. Information on how to obtain your refund will be mailed to you.  You may choose one of two options to receive your refund: ACH to your personal checking account or to a BankMobile refund card. The option you choose will determine how quickly your refund will be available to you. Financial aid may be disbursed to your student account no sooner than 10 days before the beginning of a semester. Once you see that aid has been disbursed to your student account, a refund will be available as early 1-4 days later, depending on your refund preference.

To determine the amount of your refund, you will need to subtract your disbursed financial aid from your total bill with the University, both available on your Student Center. It may take a day after disbursement for you to see your aid applied to your bill. Your bill will consist of tuition and fees, along with housing and meal plan charges, if applicable.

Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress

To receive any kind of financial aid, you must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress towards a degree. If you fail to do so, you will be placed on probation or have your financial aid suspended.  If suspended, you will be notified and allowed to petition the Financial Aid Reinstatement Committee by submitting a Petition for Financial Aid Reinstatement.


Changes of Income/Special Circumstances

If, during the course of the academic year, a significant change in family income, household size, or other unusual circumstance arises, please contact our office to discuss the situation to determine if a re-evaluation is appropriate. Generally, you cannot update information on the FAFSA during the year. However, UW-Superior may take changes into consideration.