New-Hire Paperwork

All students hired by UW-Superior must complete the paperwork as specified below before they begin working. The majority of the paperwork only needs to be completed once, regardless of the number of jobs a student has. Students who have a 12-month break in employment must complete a background check and direct deposit form.

Criminal Background Check
Must be completed by all new student employees and students who've had a 12-month break in employment. Please see the Student Employment Coordinator for further instructions.

I-9 Form
Must be completed by all new student employees. Turn in to Student Employment Office.
*NOTE: The I-9 Form will not display in a PDF browser. To view the form, please download the file, save it to your computer, and open it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. 

Self-Help W-4 Instructions 

Self-Help Direct Deposit Instructions 

Confidentiality Agreement
Must be completed by all student employees that are new to a department/area. Turn in to your supervisor.

Student Employment: Required Training Agreement

Maximum Hours Agreement