Student Resources & Forms

Student Employment Handbook
The Student Employment Handbook will be updated and available annually (August). The Student Employment Handbook covers policies and important information regarding Student Employment. All student employees are expected to read the Handbook when they are hired.

NOTE: The Handbook may be updated at any time throughout the year if deemed necessary by the Student Employment Office.

Student Payroll Schedule
The payroll schedule will be updated and available each Fiscal Year (July 1).

2020-2021 Student Payroll Schedule

2020-2021 Resident Life Student Payroll Schedule
This schedule should be utilized by student employees who have been hired in positions with Residence Life who are required to submit paper timesheets – Resident Assistants, Assistant Hall Managers, and Hall Managers. This schedule shows due-dates of those paper timesheets.

I-9 Instructions

Glacier Instructions – International Student Employee’s Only

W-4 Self-Service Instructions

Direct Deposit Self-Service Instructions

Focus Card Information

Confidentiality Acknowledgement

Required Training Acknowledgement

Maximum Hours Per Week Acknowledgement

Maximum Hours Per Week Calendar 2020-2021

Punching In and Out – Web Clock Instructions

Earnings Statements Access

Duplicate W-2 Access