Supervisor Resources & Forms

Supervisor Handbook
The Student Employment Supervisor Handbook will be updated and available annually (August). The Supervisor Handbook covers policies and important information regarding Student Employment. All student employee supervisors are expected to read the Handbook each year.

NOTE: The Handbook may be updated at any time throughout the year if deemed necessary by the Student Employment Office.

Confidentiality Acknowledgement

Required Training Acknowledgement

Bloodborne Pathogen Level Descriptions

Punching In and Out – Web Clock Instructions

Maximum Hours Per Week Acknowledgement

Maximum Hours Per Week Calendar 2020-2021

Handshake is the Universities online job posting resource for potential student employees. Handshake is the number one tool promoted to potential student employees, as well as at functions such as SOAR, Move-In Day, etc. Utilize Handshake to get your available positions known to the student body.

Interviewing Guidelines

Timesheet Review/Approval Instructions
It is the responsibility of the primary supervisor to review, correct, and approve student employees time each pay-period. If the primary supervisor is unable to accomplish this, they must inform the backup supervisor so time can be approved. Questions regarding timesheets should be sent to UW-Shared Services; UW-Superior’s contact is: Hollie Moore;

Payroll Schedule – Timesheet Approval Deadlines

HRS KnowledgeBase

Job Title/Wage Rate Information
At the end of Spring 2020, it was announced that UW-Superior would begin following the Job Title/Wage Rate structure. This structure was created and piloted by the Student Employment Task Force (created by Chancellor’s Staff) during the 2019-2020 academic year. The purpose of this structure is to best utilize our campus allotment of work study, be more competitive with outside employers, and create consistency throughout campus.

Job Title/Wage Rate Table
This table provides the eight job titles to be used on the student employment contracts, along with the pay-rates that correlate with the level of responsibility for each job title. To determine which category of job title and level of responsibility your student employee falls under, please refer to the eight job titles (PDFs) below.

Facilities Attendant
A facilities attendant is expected to ensure campus continues to function on a day-to-day basis in various roles.

Student Administrative Support
A student administrative support will assist an office and/or department in day-to-day functions.

Education Assistant
An education assistant is expected to assist the Professor and students in various capacities.

Campus Support
A campus support employee is expected to assist the campus with day-to-day functions.

Risk Services
A risk services employee may be required to have additional certifications, training, etc. and ensure various aspect of campus are compliant, and operating with a minimal amount of risk as possible.

A researcher is expected to assist Faculty/Staff in using multiple means of data to find information.

A technology employee is expected to assist all campus users – Faculty, Staff, Students, etc. in various capacities.

Student Supervisor
A student supervisor is expected to lead, implement, schedule, etc. one, or more student employees.