Grants for Graduate Students

Grants for Graduate Students

A grant is a cash award based on financial need that you do not need to repay.  Eligibility requirements listed are not exhaustive.


Who's eligible?

How do I apply?

Other info

Advanced Opportunity Grant (AOP)

Disadvantaged or minority students

FAFSA* and AOP Application
New AOP applicants claiming disadvantaged status, must also complete the Disadvantaged Criteria Determination Form.

Limited funds available

Beecroft Graduate Travel grant

Students whose graduate work would be aided by travel

Contact the Graduate Studies Office

One-time award up to $1000

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) grant

Students of Native American heritage

FAFSA* and Indian Scholarship application

Information available through BIA or your tribe.

Indian Student Assistance grant

WI residents of Native American heritage

FAFSA* and Student Assistance Grant Application

Up to $1100

MN Tuition Reciprocity

MN residents

MN Office of Higher Education

Reduces out of state tuition

Non-resident tuition waiver (NTW)

Students outside WI or MN attending UW-Superior

NTW application

Limited funds available; reduces non-resident tuition

*Only one FAFSA needs to be filed for each academic year.