Grants for Undergraduate Students

Tuition waivers are also included. 

A grant is a cash award based on financial need that you do not need to repay. Eligibility requirements listed are not exhaustive.

Grant: Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) grant

Who's eligible: Students of Native American heritage

Apply: FAFSA* and Indian Scholarship application

Other Info: Information available through BIA or your tribe

Grant: Indian Student Assistance grant

Who's eligible: WI residents of Native American heritage

Apply: FAFSA* and Student Assistance Grant Application

Other Info:Up to $1100

Grant: Iraq and Afghanistan Service grant (or zero EFC determination)

Who's eligible: Children of military personnel killed in Iraq or Afghanistan after 9/11/01.  Must have been less than 24 years old at time of parent's death or enrolled at least part-time at an institution of higher education.

Apply: FAFSA*

Other Info: If you are eligible to receive a Pell grant, it will be determined that you have a zero EFC for all federal aid programs.
If you are not eligible to receive a Pell grant, you will be eligible for this grant in the same amount as a maximum Pell grant, not to exceed the cost of attendance.

Grant: Lawton Undergraduate Retention Grant (LUMRG)

Who's eligible: Full-time, minority residents of WI who have completed 24 credits

Apply: FAFSA*

Other Info: Based on financial need; limited funds. You are required to apply for this grant every year.

Grant: MN Tuition Reciprocity

Who's eligible: MN residents

Apply: MN Office of Higher Education

Other Info: Reduces out of state tuition

Grant: Non-resident Tuition Waiver (NTW)

Who's eligible: Students outside WI or MN attending UW-Superior

Other Info: NTW Information. Limited funds available; reduces non-resident tuition. Note: Students enrolled in a fully-online degree program are not charged non-resident tuition and therefore are not eligible for the NTW Program.

Grant: Pell grant

Who's eligible: High need students seeking first bachelor's degree

Apply: FAFSA*

Other Info: Up to $3248 per semester, limited to 12 full time semesters. The Pell Grant is awarded according to EFC and enrollment status.

Grant: Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

Who's eligible: High need students

Apply: FAFSA*

Other Info: Varying amounts to $800 SEOG is awarded on a first come, first serve basis; limited funds.

Grant: Talent Incentive Program (TIP)

Who's eligible: WI residents who are minorities or first-generation university students with extreme financial need.

Apply: FAFSA* and TIP application

Other Info: TIP application available from high school counselor. Must be nominated as a freshman; limited to 10 semesters. Varying amounts up to $1800.  More info available at HEAB

Grant: Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG)

Who's eligible: WI undergraduate residents with financial need.

Apply: FASFA*

Other Info: Must be seeking their first bachelor's degree and enrolled at least 1/2 time.

Grant: WI Grant

Who's eligible: WI undergraduate residents

Apply: FAFSA*

Other Info: Based on financial need; limit of 10 semesters

*Only one FAFSA needs to be filed for each academic year.