Types of Aid

Many types of financial aid are available to undergraduate and graduate students: Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Employment, and Military Benefits.

Grants: A grant is a cash award based on financial need. You do not repay a grant.

Scholarships: A scholarship is a cash gift awarded based on the criteria set by the sponsoring organization or donor. You do not repay a scholarship.

Loans:  A loan is money you repay.  There are several loan programs available to students.

Employment:  Federal Work Study is a work program offered as part of your financial aid package in which an allotted amount of dollars may be earned. Student Assist are jobs available on-campus for students that do not qualify for work study. Area employers also provide opportunities off-campus.

Military Benefits: Some students receive monthly stipends, or tuition assistance/reimbursement to attend school through a connection with the Military.