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November 2013

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CNN Meeting Minutes for Thursday November 7, 2013:

Meeting called to order by Alex:
Attendees are: Alex, Emily, Syndy, Britney, Gary, Patser and Becky

New Business:

  • Taco Feed
    • Need date set for event, flyers made, sign up list.
    • Talked about maybe doing out in community instead to sell?
  • Brown Bag Lunch
    • Next Tuesday (11/12/2013) Linda LeGarde in FNC Swenson 3117 at noon. All Welcome!
  • Powwow
    • Asking of participation of Emcee, spiritual advisor and arena director. 
    • Gary Johnson responsible to contact possible people to be:
      Emcee - Les Gibbs
      Spiritual Advisor - Dan Jones
      Arena Director - George Strong
      Head Dancers and Host drum - bring to next CNN mtg.

Old Business:

  • $1000 grant from UWS
    • Syndy is waiting to talk with Gary - has some questions to ask about meeting criteria.
    • Syndy will start to fill out basic question and get help from the rest of CNN group at next meeting.
  • Tee-shirts
    • Syndy will follow up with Advantage Emblem.
    • Alyssa will follow up with person from the reservation.
    • Alex stated that he believes that Alyssa was quoted a price of $300 for 30 shirts.

Other Business:
Fundraiser ideas: Syndy asked about doing a dance on campus. Gary stated it would be nice to have a theme like Hawaiian. Discussed where to have the dance and one suggestion was the great room in the YU. Emily will get ahold of Liz Desimore via email.

Meeting Adjourned

CNN Meeting Minutes for Thursday November 14, 2013:

Meeting called to order by Alex:
Attendees are: Alex, Brittany, Laura, Emily, Syndy, Sam, Becky, Terry, Gary, Kristine, Patser.

New Business:

  • Budget Workshop
    • Alex received an email stating when the meeting was being held to go over the budget and how to do it for the next year.
    • Need people who are going to be around on the 20th. at 4:00 pm or 21th. at 12 pm As the budget for next year is due 12/19/2013
  • Bake Sale
    • The bake sale is from 10:00 am -1:00 pm on 11/20/2013, on the 1st floor of Swenson Hall, main entrance.
    • Please sign up to working.
    • Need to post signs at table.
    • So far this is who will be working: Syndy, Terry: 10-1, Becky: 11-1, Brittany any time.
    • Syndy will send out a reminder email about the bake sale
  • United Council Meeting
    • Alex stated he had received an email from Kate of United Council wanting to meet with us.
    • Alex will follow up with her.

Old Business:

  • Grant
    • Group talked abut what we could ask for with the grant money
    • Decided it could be used for the feast, cultural awareness, alumni dinner for week long events to upcoming Powwow, etc.
    • Syndy is working on this because it is due tomorrow at 5pm.
  • Taco Feed/Sale
    • Date still needed, talked about suggested places to hold, other than Multicultural center.
    • Places suggested Norms, Schultzy's, Thirsty Peggin, Pilgrim Church.
    • Letters of intent to be drafted
    • Syndy will contact Church
    • Terry and Sam will contact other locations.
  • Powwow
    • Went over who will be the Emcee, Arena Director, Spiritual Advisor, and ideas of who should be asked to be head dancer.
    • Sam mentioned/motioned to have a theme for Powwow
    • Have ideas to who should be asked for head dancers in by 11/21/2013
    • Theme for Powwow will be "Celebrating Higher Education"

Other Business:

  • Cultural Night
    • Saturday 11/16/13 tickets in YU open to all.
  • Dance
    • Ideas for it to be a formal, Hawaiian, Masquerade, spring fever themed.
    • Emily will look into a DJ and Syndy will help too if needed
    • Dates to have will be 3/07/2014 or 3/28/2014  Emily is going to see which dates are open.
  • Tee-shirts
    • Syndy looked into them at Advantage Emblem and we can get basic tees for $15/ea. with logo/wording on front and it is $1.00 extra for each X after XL.
  • Clothing Drive
    • go ahead with it, need to get dates of when doing and for how long.
    • Kristine will get boxes for us
  • Honoring Elder Day
    • Email will be sent out to all American Indian students
    • Nomination will be due week before finals
    • Gary will send out the email to students

Meeting Adjourned

CNN Meeting Minutes for Thursday November 21, 2013:

Informal meeting. No minutes to post.