CNN September Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for September 2013

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CNN Meeting Minutes for Wednesday Sept. 4th, 3013

Present : C. Bilges, G. Johnson, A. Gokee, Kathy, T. Schultz, E. Davidson, D. Bebeau-Cavitt, P. Lynch

Meeting called to order:
Discussion of Pow Wow for April 17th 2014, only Saturday available for the entire spring
Fall calendar approved
Website up and running- Thank you to Kathy
Motion to change meetings to Thursdays, accepted
Pizza Lunch from 11:00-2:00 on Tuesday Sept. 17th
      -3rd floor lounge area
Officer elections
      -Ballots may be sent out via email
      -email nominations
Facebook page up and running
If you want to be considered for elections send a pic and biography to Kathy
     -email is on webpage
     -Self nominations are allowed
     -5 p.m. Sept. 13th deadline/closing date
     -Elections to be closed by the 18th at 5 p.m.
     -Winners announced by the 19th
Fall Walk Around Saturday Oct. 12th at Pattison State Park
     -Chili and cornbread provided
     -If you need a ride contact someone from CNN

Meeting adjourned

CNN Meeting Minutes for Thursday Sept. 19, 2013:

Meeting called to order:

  • Sam is waiting for the Newman Center to contact him and let him know if we can and when our Indian Taco sale could take place.
  • Sam and Terry are making an official letter to send out to the tribes in order to possibly receive venison or wild rice donations.
  • Everyone should try their best to donate or find donations of venison and wild rice for the powwow.
  • We brainstormed ideas for fundraiser other than the taco sale:
    0.5 K race, coupons with local restaurants, or sell $1 donuts at UWS in the morning.

We set some goals for this year:

  • Have an event every month. We should try to implement new events such as storytelling or a powwow demonstration/etiquette class to encourage students and community members to attend.
  • We should continue to do the events of last year such as Honor Our Elders, visiting the elementary school, and decorating a Christmas tree for the Marcovich Wellness Center.
  • We should set a deadline on our powwow poster being finished in January, so when we come back from break we can immediately put it up.
  • We also decided t-shirts for our club would be a good way to get our name out there. Sam is going to call the t-shirt place on Belknap and ask about prices and Deborah is going to contact someone who works for Nike who may be able to design something for us. If anyone knows a local artist or t-shirt manufacturer let us know! We decided that it would be good to get about 30 t-shirts (3 3X, 10 2X, 5 XL, 5 L, 5 M, 2 S) to give to all new and current members.
  • Bracelets would also be cool to hand out to people. Any way we could purchase t-shirts and bracelets with budget money?

Meeting adjourned

CNN Meeting Minutes for Thursday Sep. 26, 2013

Meeting called to order

  • No word from the Neuman Center
     -Definite answer by next meeting
  • 30 T-shirts for $300, approx. 10 days to deliver
     -CNN group shirts
  • Emily is going to the Student Organization summit
  • Table the discussion on leaving for NIEA
     -possibly leaving between 7 and 8 Wednesday morning
  • NIEA participants: Alex, Sam, Syndy, Lysa, Terry, Jared, Gary, Emily
  • Letter has been drafted for the venison donations

Meeting Adjourned