About the First Nations Center

Mission Statement:

The First Nations Center seeks to promote an understanding and awareness of Indian people through a curriculum in First Nations Studies that leads to a minor. The program provides the opportunity for Indians and non-Indians alike to increase their knowledge of the origin of Indian people in terms of history, culture, and philosophy.

The First Nations Center:

  • Sponsors cultural events such as powwows, feasts, workshops, and seasonal activities such as wild-ricing and gathering maple syrup

  • Provides for the development of students socially and culturally through a series of activities planned in response to student interests.

  • Offers educational outreach to tribes, the UW-Superior campus, local schools and communities

  • Advises for Native student organizations such as Circle of Native Nations.

  • Is a great place to learn about educational leadership

  • Is a great place to learn about a minor in Native American Studies (24 credit minor in First Nations Studies which is offered thru Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity Department).
  • Supports Native American Indian students in reaching their full potential

We hope you enjoy your time with First Nations Center,

Miigwech/Thank you!