First Year Seminars (FYS)

Chancellor Dr. Renee Wachter approved the 2016 Summer Retention Task Force charge to implement a comprehensive and cohesive First Year Experience that encourages intellectual excitement, advances competence as a college student, and fosters a sense of connection with the University and campus.

First Year Seminars can be an integral aspect of First Year Experience and a student’s immersion into college rigor and life.

Fall 2017 a new FYS model was piloted linking a University Plan general education course with a student success orientation – IDS 130. The new FYS linked course model addresses our commitment to High Impact Practices and improving retention.

After taking a First Year Seminar UW-Superior students report that their FYS:

  • Helped them make new friends or meaningful connections with others
  • Encouraged them to collaborate with other students
  • Made it easier to talk with faculty and raise questions in class
  • Encouraged them to see themselves as an active playing in their learning
  • Helped them feel like they are a part of a learning community
  • Encouraged them to think more broadly, openly, and/or globally
  • Helped them to develop critical thinking skills
  • Encouraged them to examine new ideas
  • Helped them actively question previously held ideas and develop their own views

Spring 2018 FYS IDS 130 Linked Courses - TBD

FYSSharksFirstDayFall 20141_WEB

Professor Kay Biga and her "Swimming with the Sharks" FYS class!


Professor Ginny Donovan's "What is French?" FYS Class