Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders are upperclassmen who work with freshmen and serve as a mentor and resource.  Peer Leaders will guide new students through WoW (Weekend of Welcome) and will continue on into the semester.   Students will see Peer Leaders working with First Year Seminars, the Introduction to the College Experience course, and with students 1:1 outside of the classroom.  In addition to working with students 1:1, Peer Leaders provide a variety of events and activities throughout the semester to engage students and enhance their experience here at UW-Superior!

Peer Leaders can assist with:

  • Finding your way around UW-Superior during and after WoW
  • Strengthening academic and study skills
  • Discovering involvement opportunities that fit your interests
  • Promoting positive relationships with peers, staff and faculty
  • Strategies for managing time effectively
  • Identifying campus and community resources
  • Answering general questions about policies, procedures, campus and being a student in general
  • Making connections that can benefit students throughout their college years and beyond 

Students rated the following as the top benefits of working with Peer Leaders (previously called Peer Mentors)

  • Made me feel welcome on campus/helped me transition comfortably to campus
  • Kept me up to date on important information
  • Assisted me with questions and concerns/they had been through "it" and could offer advice
  • Helped me identify campus and community resources to support my success