Superior Allies Program

The Superior Allies are dedicated to diversity and social justice on the UW-Superior campus.

Superior Allies logo

The mission of the Superior Allies Program is to promote inclusive excellence across campus and to empower students, faculty, and staff to foster a supportive and respectful environment for all areas of diversity through education, awareness, and action.

How does one become a Superior Ally?

Any individual interested in becoming a Superior Ally is required to attend a 4 hour Superior Allies Training offered semesterly. The training focuses on self-discovery, basic helping skills, resources related to diversity topics, and an action-oriented way of thinking.

Additional workshops on more specific topics related to diversity and inclusivity will be held throughout the year. Allies are encouraged to attend the workshops.

Registration is not required but is requested so we will how many individuals to plan for.

For more information contact Gender Equity at or call 715-394-8091 . 

The Superior Allies Program hopes to:

  • Provide a comprehensive training program for students, faculty, and staff to build their advocacy skills and enhance their ability to listen empathically and problem solve effectively on issues related to diversity.
  • Provide additional workshops to the allies that will compliment the required training on topics such as GLBTQAI Safe Zone training, Native American Culture, religion, soci-economics...
  • Create a team of students and staff to serve as a social support system for other students dealing with issues related to cultural identity or practice.
  • Increase the accessibility and visibility of peer support systems for topics related to diversity.
  • Provide an alternate resource for students dealing with diversity issues in addition to established campus resources and offices.