Services and Programs

Check out all the events, programming, and support services we offer. For specific information on upcoming events, take a look at our calendar.  All events are drug and alcohol free.

Conversations and support around aspects of identity such as:  

  • Tea Time With T  
  • One-on-one meetings 
  • Group dialogues on topics related to gender and sexuality 
  • Advisement of the Alliance student group  
  • Connecting students, staff, and faculty to local resources 

Drag Show 

Our annual big event each fall, in collaboration with the Alliance, where we host professional and amateur drag performers. This event is both educational and entertaining. 

Events around annual awareness days such as: 

  • Trans Day of Remembrance  
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous People 
  • National Coming Out Day 
  • World AIDS Day 
  • Trans Day of Visibility  
  • International Women's Day 

Events during Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month such as: 

  • Educational Tabling  
  • Workshops and trainings  
  • Panels and discussions  

Sexual Health and Safer Sex conversations in collaboration with our Student Health and Counseling Services and the Health Care Clinic 

LGBTQ2+ 101 and other workshops on trans identity, gender identity, and sex/sexuality 

These workshops are usually offered as part of the EDI certificate program or upon request 

Healthy Relationships conversations, workshops, and events 

These are typically events such as our Healthy Relationships workshop, Bystander Intervention workshop, red/green flag of relationships conversations, and other offerings as determined or requested.