Membership Requirements

To insure a healthy cross-section of University programs, the GEC consists of eight people, including one non-voting student member and seven faculty members representing areas of study indicated below.

General Education Committee Membership

One Faculty (1) from the Fine and Applied Arts (Visual Arts, Communicating Arts, Music, Writing)

One Faculty (1) from the Humanities (First Nations Studies, History, Philosophy, WLLC (Chinese, English, German, Spanish))

One Faculty (1) from the Social Sciences (Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, Global Studies, Health and Human Performance, Legal Studies, Political Science, Psychology. Sociology, Women's Studies)

One Faculty (1) from Mathematics, Computer Science and the Natural Sciences

One Faculty (1) from Non-General Education Fields (Business, Education Leadership, Library Science, Reading/Language Arts, Social Work)

One Faculty(1) who teaches in the General Education Diversity and/or Non-Western Categories 

One Faculty (1) from UAAC to act as liaison between the GEC and UAAC (These responsibilities preclude this faculty member from serving on any other University committees or councils.) 

One (1) non-voting student member of junior or senior status 

Provost (ex officio) 

Registrar (ex officio)