Learning Goals and Outcomes

Learning Goals and Outcomes

General Education Goals and Outcomes

(Approved by the Faculty Senate on January 30, 2013.)

Through the General Education Program at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, students strengthen the following skills and habits of mind:

1. Communication

Students demonstrate effective communication skills in writing, speaking, reading, and listening.

a. Students will communicate effectively in writing.
b. Students will deliver effective oral presentations.
c. Students will effectively read and interpret written and visual texts.
d. Students will listen with literal and critical comprehension.

2. Critical Thinking

Students engage in critical thinking based on multiple forms of evidence.

a. Students will identify and articulate important questions and theories.
b. Students will identify, gather, and analyze information to answer specific questions.
c. Students will identify and evaluate assumptions and biases associated with assertions.
d. Students will consider alternative explanations to answer important questions.
e. Students will use evidence to reach and present conclusions.

3. Creative Expression

Students develop skills in creative expression, including abstract thinking.

a. Students will demonstrate creative and/or abstract thinking through a medium or process.
b. Students will demonstrate creative and/or abstract thinking though a product.
c. Students will reflect upon the creative process in which they engaged.

4. Diversity and Global Citizenship

Students demonstrate empathetic and ethical thinking based on knowledge of the diversity of human experience.

a. Students will demonstrate an understanding of factor(s) that influence human behaviors, cultures, or societies.
b. Students will demonstrate an understanding of their own and other world views.
c. Students will demonstrate an understanding of their ethical roles and responsibilities in local and global communities.

5. Interdisciplinary Connections

Students connect knowledge and methods from a variety of disciplines through courses across the general education curriculum.

a. Students will integrate knowledge, skills, and perspectives from multiple disciplines in their academic reasoning and/or research.
b. Students will reflect on their education and articulate a vision to create a balanced, worthwhile, productive, and healthy life.