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UW-Superior Foundation: Investing in Excellence

As this year passed, the Foundation has seen incredible growth and success as it's worked to invest in the excellence that is our students and faculty. Thanks to generous contributions from people like you, the Foundation has provided support to UW-Superior students through scholarships, undergraduate research opportunities, and so much more.  Thank you for supporting the UW-Superior Foundation this year!

Annual gifts to the UW-Superior Foundation from alumni, faculty and staff, businesses, and other community members combine to make a big impact on campus. As you read on, you'll see how you have made an impact on our goal of creating excellence for our students. Thank you!

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Various Dollar Amounts Have Been Raised for UW-Superior

Why Do You Give to the UW-Superior Foundation?

Dean McCall

"I do not know why, but there seems to be some kind of magic that has been happening when people attend UW-Superior. This has been happening for decades. From this relatively small University, time and time again, there has been greatness that has been created.

"It is amazing how many alumnus have distinguished themselves in such a variety of fields. Almost without exception, one can watch the personal growth that takes place from when a freshman begins his or her journey until graduation.

"I give back because I want to see this continue. I give back because I recognize how important education is to our country, our economy, and our democracy. I give back because I realize that UW-Superior is a huge asset to our community and region. I give back so that others can have the opportunity to attend UW-Superior, and I realize that they may not be able to if it were not for the generous support of many."

Dean McCall, UW-Superior Foundation Board President

Your Support Matters to Ashleigh

"Thanks to the generous scholarship support I've received, I am able to continue my journey at UW-Superior. It has been my dream to go into the education field, but for many years, I was unable to afford college. Since I graduated high school, I have worked hard to save the money for college, but continually struggled.  

"The support I have received allows me to worry less about the finances and focus more on my studies. The scholarships hold so much meaning to me and make me feel honored to be a recipient. Thank you for your generosity, and I hope that one day I will help students in reaching their goals in higher education, just as I have been helped."   

Ashleigh Pickart, Elementary Education 

Ashleigh Pickart
Number of Scholarships Awarded

The Impact of Private Giving to the UW-Superior Foundation from Alumni and Friends

Thanks to our donors, various successes have been achieved