Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign

Believe in the Vision! Faculty and Staff Campaign

As a valued member of our campus community, you help to make UW-Superior an exceptional place to learn and live. Thank you for your personal and professional commitment to student success.

With our new campaign now underway, we invite you to participate in this year’s Faculty & Staff Campaign.

The five pillars of our SUPERIOR VISIONS: PEOPLE, PROGRAMS, PROGRESS campaign are:

  • Invest in Students - Scholarships, Undergraduate Research and Internships
  • Invest in Instructional Excellence - Endowed Fund for Faculty and Staff Professional Development
  • Invest in Programs - Superior Fund, Academic and Co-Curricular Programs
  • Strengthening our Region - Center for Community Engaged Learning
  • Funding our Future - Deferred/Estate Gift Commitments

When you make a gift to the Foundation, you choose what’s most meaningful to you and where you want your support to go. You choose your preferred method of giving, whether it’s a one-time gift or payroll deduction. And you choose a gift amount that’s comfortable for you.

Every gift - no matter the amount - counts towards the campaign and our goal of achieving 25% Faculty & Staff participation.

Thank you from your friends in the Advancement and Foundation Office,

Jeanne Thompson

Jeanne Thompson
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

Tom Bergh first name

Tom Bergh
Development Officer

Jason Young

Jason Young
Development Officer

Candi Stahira Signature
Candi Stariha
Adminstrative Associate

Chris Jersett
Chris Jersett
Scholarship and Stewardship Associate

Catrina Whitehead name
Catrina Robbins
Advancement Services Specialist

Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson
Director of Alumni Relations


How to give

There are several ways to participate in the campaign. You can Make a gift online  or complete the Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign Form to give by check or payroll deduction, and return it to the Advancement Office in Old Main 237.

Why I Believe in the Vision

Eleni Pinnow

Eleni Pinnow - Associate Professor, Psychology

I "believe in the vision" because I love my job, and I know without a doubt UW-Superior is a place that offers students a transformational opportunity. For many of our students, financial support is absolutely critical for their continued attendance at UW-S. Students often work full-time and they frequently have financial responsibilities to their families. The demands on students’ time and pocketbooks are plentiful. Many students are caught in a difficult loop of needing to work to pay for school, and then struggling with academics because work takes up so much of their time.

I invest in students by contributing to scholarships. I view my gifts to the UW-Superior Foundation as a way to help ease the burden that many of today’s students face. I have also provided for continued scholarship funding through my estate plans, so future students will have extra time and breathing room to focus on their own academic and personal growth. I love all that UW-Superior can do for our students, and I am deeply honored to be a part of continuing that legacy.


Jen Bird

Jen Bird - Director, New Student Services

I "believe in the vision" because being an alum of UW-Superior is something I am proud of. I feel this institution gave me a lot and continues to give me a lot as an employee. I know that there were people who were contributing to my education back then, and I want to do the same for students now. I support the Spirit Scholarship because I see so many students who are passionate about being here, but struggle with the financial piece. Some are working multiple jobs and still struggle to make the payments. I don’t want finances to be the reason a student doesn’t complete their education. And I love the payroll deduction because it’s already built into my budget and it happens automatically. I don’t have to think about sending a check in somewhere, or paying a lump sum at one point during the year.  It’s a great way to make giving easier to manage and more appealing. 


Mark MacLean

Mark MacLean - Director, International Programs

I "believe in the vision" and give because, like most of us at UWS, this more than just a job for me. I have worked here for more than 12 years, and I believe in UWS as an institution and the mission we serve. Obviously, I have a particular emphasis on international education, having seen firsthand how studying in another country can transform lives. Giving is a way to financially help that mission and also send a message of support to our students, faculty and staff.


melinda yingling

Melinda Yingling - Residence Life Associate

I "believe in the vision" because I graduated from UW-Superior in 1998 and have worked here professionally since 1999. Over the past sixteen years, I  have had the honor of working next to some amazing students. I have watched many of them juggle several jobs while attending classes and staying active on-campus. My hope is that I can benefit even one student to have “less on their plate”  and thrive in and out of the classroom.