Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign

2018-2019 Faculty & Staff Campaign

We Teach. We Create. We Give.

Yellowjacket faculty and staff are the heart of our University. Through innovative teaching and unique learning opportunities, they truly create the UW-Superior experience for our students. We are grateful to our faculty and staff for their dedication to student success at UW-Superior.

Not only do our faculty and staff practice professional commitment to every student, but each year, they generously support the University by participating in the Faculty & Staff Campaign. This campaign supports the Foundation’s efforts to uphold the Yellowjacket experience. With this year’s new “We Give” Campaign underway, we invite all faculty and staff members to participate in supporting the Foundation’s work.

When you make a gift to the Foundation, you choose what’s most meaningful to you and where you want your support to go. Support of the Superior Fund maintains the excellence provided by the Foundation. You also choose your preferred method of giving, whether it’s a one-time gift or payroll deduction. And you choose a gift amount that’s comfortable for you.

Every gift - no matter the amount - counts towards the campaign and our goal of achieving 25% Faculty & Staff participation.

How to Give

There are several ways to participate in the campaign. You can Make a gift online or complete the Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign Form to give by check or payroll deduction, and return it to the Advancement Office in Old Main 237.

Why I Give

"Throughout my career at UW-Superior I have interacted with countless, talented and determined students in need of financial support to achieve their educational goals. We all know investing in student success through the UW-Superior Foundation reduces financial barriers, allowing people to realize their potential. My employment at UW-Superior has allowed me to see the benefits of this investment time and time again through the accomplishments of our graduates. Contributing to the UW-Superior Foundation exemplifies our commitment to higher education."

~Robert Waksdahl,

Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance and Director of Business Services

Polkowski family photo

"As alumni of University of Wisconsin-Superior, we recognize the opportunities that were afforded to us during our time here as students. Now as teachers, we look to create unique experiences that support students in the pursuit of their own dreams and goals. We give to the Foundation as another way to make a positive impact."
~ Greg & Stephanie Polkowski, 
Head Men's Basketball Coach & Senior Lecturer

"Throughout the past 24 years of service in Student Affairs at UW-Superior, I have indirectly taught students through a wide array of activities and interactions. Early on in my career, these activities included providing training and guidance to the residence life and student staff, creating leadership opportunities by designing our student ambassador program, initiating a student leadership program for student organizations, and expanding outreach to students through our gender equity center.  
"Currently, as a member of the Dean of Students Office staff, I challenge students to contribute to our community in a positive way and provide opportunities for them to increase their leadership skills and make more productive choices. I also connect with students on a daily basis, attempting to make them laugh and enjoy their time at UW-Superior. I, too, have the honor of visiting with them when they are alumni and come back to visit campus, sharing their successes with me.  
"I give to the Foundation as a celebration of our students, the milestones they have achieved, and the positive impact they have made on me in sharing their journey as a lifelong learner." 
~ Tammy Fanning,
Associate Dean of Students 

Jenice Meyer and Family

"I could talk for hours about all the reasons we give to the Foundation. Paramount is being a first generation college student at UW-Superior and the rising costs of tuition nationwide. I wouldn't be the person I am today without the incredible experiences I had and education I received from UW-Superior. 
"My husband and I give to help ensure the next generation is able to pursue a degree regardless of their family's income or upbringing. UW-Superior is worth it. Our students are worth it. Our future as a society; it's worth it. It is truly an honor to give." 

~ Jenice and Michael Meyer, 
Jenice is Director of the Center for Community Engaged Learning and an Academic Planner & Accreditation Liasion Officer